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Bali Mystique

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Surf mecca, tropical paradise, bamboo architecture hub, “Island of the Gods”—Bali contains multitudes. The magnetism of this Indonesian island is unmatched, drawing millions of visitors each year. A balance of spiritual meditation and indulgent amusement, there is an energy in Bali that defies the stereotype of a serene oasis. The local culture permeates daily life, encounter offerings, temples and ceremonies at every corner. On the other hand, Bali also provides luxury beachside resorts and wild nightlife.

With black sand beaches, dramatic volcanos and countless waterfalls, the natural abundance found in Bali is inspiring. The plethora of bamboo on the island encouraged the development of bamboo architecture which is now widespread. Cliffside villas, endless rice terraces and the lively surfing community come together to create a vibrant portrait of Bali, complete with the kindness and warmth of its people.

  • 312 pages
  • over 200 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in August 2022


About the author

Elora is the Founder and Creative Director of IBUKU, an architecture and design studio leading a global wave of innovation with bamboo. Raised in Bali by visionary parents, Elora absorbed the importance of merging artistry and technology, past and future, humans and nature. Now working internationally with mixed media, she leads her team to create hospitality projects, campuses and homes with the goal of elegance within nature throughout the world.